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Construction Equipment
Road Equipment
Ehatha Est. is a 100% foreign capital. It has been involved in the construction organization  several years ago, carrying out construction projects all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Establishment uses its own resources to make project implementation possible. Our work responds to different natural context resulting distinctive identity for each project, augmented  by  highly standard and skilled project management and supervision team, offering best  solutions  and excellent results.

Ehatha carried out successful projects, on different carrier as for real estate development,  erection steel, structure work, earthwork, hardscaping work, asphalt work, electrical work and   more over.

Finally, we trust you thoroughly consider this document, and wish to assure you that we will   make every effort to be worthily on the confidence placed by you into our establishment. 

On behalf of Ehatha Est. team,
You’re sincerely,
Eng. M. Rashid Dernaika
General Manager